Question: Are your products gluten free?


We do not produce any products that include wheat, barley or rye. Gluten is rarely introduced in soap, although beer soap is becoming more of a trend.  Some of our soaps do use oatmeal and oats. There is some debate as to whether or not oats are gluten free, due to shared farmland and the potential for cross contamination in the growing process. "Mr. 6 Cats" is very gluten sensitive, and does not eat oats of any variety. We recommend that if you are highly sensitive, please avoid any oatmeal soaps, which are clearly marked. 


Question: Are your products sustainable?


Sustainability is important to us. Many soaps and soap bases include palm oil, which is a subject of much debate as it relates to sustainability. Efforts have been made to label and ensure palm oil comes from sustainable sources, but there is no clear consensus on this topic. Many of our products do contain palm oil. If this is a concern, please contact us for alternatives or to create a soap for you excluding this ingredient and to discuss how it may impact your final product. 


Question: Are your products non-GMO? Organic?


We make every effort to avoid GMOs. However, GMOs are not always highlighted in source materials, nor would they make sense to include. Coconut oil, for example, is often labeled as non-GMO. Shea butter, on the other hand, is typically not.  The "big GMO companies" aren't as deeply involved in coconuts, shea, almond, or cocoa as they are in the production of corn, soy and wheat, lowering the risk of GMO ingredients in our products.


Likewise, we make every effort to source organic ingredients. Soap that will actually clean you, however, will always contain some chemical compounds. In order to make any soap, a process called "saponification" needs to occur. This process involves the conversion of fat, oil, or lipid, into soap and requires lye (Sodium Hydroxide)! So no soap can really be completely organic.


Question: How many cats does 6 Cats Soaps & Scrubs employ?


Seven (7). Production began with 6 cats in early 2019. In March of 2020, we adopted Marcel into the family. A former TNR, Nat's Cats Rescue realized his potential and we're so glad they did! His hobbies include stealing shrimp and begging for treats.


Marcel joined Java, Truffle, Smokey, Simba, Harry, & Felix. You can see all of our fur babies on their Instagram @eastoncathouse


Question: Why does my soap look like it has "frost" or "dew"? 


Great question! That is what we call soap sweat! It looks like frost or small water droplets covering the surface of your soap. This is moisture from the air being attracted by the glycerin (or honey) in the soap and the more humidity that is in the air, the more likey you may see some soap dew. 


This is not at all harmful, nor does it affect the quality or performance of your soap. In fact, humectants such as glycerin and honey are supposed to draw moisture from the air to your skin, so it is just getting to work a bit early! I try to minimize this as best I can by wrapping the finished bars as soon as possible and storing them in a cool, dark, low humidity environment. Your first wash will remove this from the surface.


More questions? Please feel free to reach out! We're more than happy to answer any inquiry you may have. Please email us at contact@6catssoap